Anupam Shyam’s brother blames Aamir Khan for his Lagaan co-actors death: “Kya Lekar Aaye, Kya Lekar Jayenge”

Anupam Shyam’s Brother Opens Up About Aamir Khan Not Keeping His Promise

Anupam Shyam, a veteran actor who became famous for his role as Mann Kee Awaaz in Star Plus: Pratigya, died on August 8 from multiple organ failure. Anurag Shyam, the actor’s younger brother, made a shocking statement. He said that Bollywood star Aamir Khan had promised them help find a Pratapgarh dialysis center, but they stopped calling him after a while.
In a conversation with a media house, the brother of the deceased actor has described the Laal Singhchadha actor as materialistic. He also said that if he had kept his promises, the Pratigya star could still be alive. Continue reading to learn more.

According to Hindustan Times, Anupam Shyam’s younger brother Anurag Shyam called Aamir Khan “materialistic” during a conversation with a leading newspaper. He said that these big brands are unable to help their people. Kya lekar, kyalekar Jayenge (You cannot take your material wealth with you if you die). We should help the people who are outside the industry looking for government help. Many actors, choreographers, and other technicians are in dire straits. Our big people are tethered.

Anupam Shyam’s older brother said that Anupam Shyam was hurt by Aamir Khan not responding to his messages. Anurag Shyam said that his brother had told him to “let it be” and that he would have been alive if the superstar hadn’t stopped replying to his messages. He stated, “Unki Sochunko Mubarak and Aadmi Ko Itna Materialistic Nahi Hona Chahiye” (He can have his opinion, but one shouldn’t be so materialistic). Anupam would still be alive today if Aamir Khan had kept his promise to my brother. Unke apno ne unka Saath Nahin Diya (those he trusted didn’t help him out).”

Anupam Shyam was afflicted with kidney disease for many years. Shyam was admitted to the hospital just a few days before his sudden death.

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