Boney Kapoor reveals how Sridevi, despite sleeping at 3 AM, woke up at 6.30 AM to keep an eye on Anshula and Arjun Kapoor.

When Boney Kapoor Revealed How Sridevi Despite Sleeping At 3 AM Woke Up At 6.30 AM To Keep A Check On Arjun Kapoor, Anshula & Girls, Read On

Today Sridevi would be celebrating her 58th Birthday if she had been alive today. The legendary actress was a star of her day and ruled Hindi cinema almost for two decades. Boney Kapoor, Sri’s husband, spoke out about how Sri keeps an eye on her four children: Anshula and Arjun Kapoor, along with Janhvi Kapoor (and Khushi Kapoor).
Boney Kapoor, speaking to Filmfare 2013, revealed a sweet truth about Sridevi. She said that her priority was our children. She checks in with me constantly about Arjun, Anshula. Even if it’s been a long night, like until 3 am, she will still get up at 6:30 to check if the girls have eaten breakfast. She’ll then walk them up the gate as they head off to school. She is a dedicated family member, whether she’s with our children or my parents. All my children were there when I celebrated my 50th Birthday. She’s seen to it that the family stays together. She’ll go the extra mile to ensure that it happens.”

Later that year, Arjun Kapoor spoke on Koffee With Karan about his relationship with his father and Sridevi. He said, “Of course, the dynamics of the relationship are complicated. We won’t be as normal as they portray in the movies. However, I respect her. She is my father’s spouse. He is happy with her, so that’s important. We’ll handle it. It’s okay to accept it as it is.”

After Sridevi’s passing, the family was reunited. Arjun and sister Anshula became closer to their father, Boney Kapoor. Credit for this goes to Janhvi Kapoor as well as Khushi Kapoor.

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