Kareena Khan complained about her ‘thunder thighs’ after being reminded to sit like a lady’ by Malaika Arora during her pregnancies

Kareena Kapoor Khan Complained About Her 'Thunder Thighs' On Getting Reminded To 'Sit Like A Lady' By Malaika Arora During Her Pregnancies, Read On

Malaika Arora & Kareena Kapoor Khan have been close friends for years. Their girl gang is prevalent on social media. They go on brunch dates together and even take trips together. Malaika wrote a guest column for Kareena’s pregnancy Bible and was praised for handling her two pregnancies like a princess.
Kareena is married to Saif Ali Khan and has Taimur (Jehangir) and Jehangir (Jehangir). The pregnancy bible was received after Kareena gave birth to her second baby.

Pinkvilla reports that Malaika Arora wrote a lovely note to Kareena Khan, praising her work during her pregnancies. She said, “Gosh! She has carried her pregnancies beautifully!” Those of us closest to her gained weight together during her pregnancies. It was also a pseudo-pregnancy. We could cook together, cater to each other’s whims, eat together, or chill out. Only eight and nine months into her pregnancy with Jeh were the only times I saw her look tired. It was so much fun! I had to constantly remind her, during both of her pregnancies, that she should sit like a lady. She would look at me and then say, “I can’t back up my thunder thighs.” She never felt guilty about eating pizzas or burping. She was tough. Kareena was always up and about, moving around and doing her job.

Malaika Arora, Malaika’s mother, said that Kareena Khan’s maternity clothes were “always looked amazing in mine.” Taimur wore a one-shoulder olive dress with a high slit, gold gladiator heels, and a high slit. She was a true artist. I can even recall asking her why she was wearing heels. She was confident and looked stunning. John’s time was marked by the sheer number of kaftans that she wore. When he was born, I instructed her to light the kaftans on a bonfire.

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