Shah Rukh Khan, aka ‘Pathan’ Shah Rukh Khan, Will Rule The Box Office If He Does Not Make One Mistake.

A Celebrity Astrologer Predicts The Future Of Shah Rukh Khan

Like every die-hard Shah Rukh Khan fan, we are eagerly awaiting to see him on the big screen once again. The actor is currently busy filming Pathan, and it has been speculated that he will return on Eid 2022. The main question is: Will Khan bounce back after such a long period and the drastic changes in cinema viewing habits due to COVID. Here’s what a celebrity astrologer thinks.
Pandit Jagannath Guruji, an astrologer and renowned astrologer spoke out about Shah Rukh’s long-awaited return. Pandit Jagannath Guruji believes that Shah Rukh will make Pathan and upcoming films a delight for cine-goers. He is determined to regain his throne as King.

Pandit Jagannath, a Pandit Jagannath interviewee, shared with Her Zindagi that Shah Rukh Khan would be making a huge comeback and that all of his films would get a record opening. The films will be a massive success at the box office. Khan also said that Khan’s films would not be going directly to the OTT channel.

Pandit Jagannath is a promising actor with many successes in the future. However, there is one thing that should be avoided. He believes Shah Rukh Khan should not be involved in home productions. He should instead give opportunities to young actors and newcomers. Pandit also revealed that the beard could make an actor unlucky. The film, Chennai Express, was a big blockbuster at the box office. Shah Rukh was clean-shaven.

Khan began to sport a beard after the Chennai Express, and the majority have not appreciated his films.

That astrology would certainly lift all Shah Rukh fan spirits!

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