The Theatres in Kerala to remain closed until the Test Positivity Rate falls below 8%

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The Pinarayi Vijayan government decided not to open the movie theaters despite many blockbusters being released for Onam.
Next week will see the Onam season. Mohanlal’s starrer, “Marakkar the Lion of the Arabian Sea,” is among the big names awaiting. It has won many awards. Saji Cherian, the State Minister for Culture and Cinema, stated that it would not be possible to open movie halls because the daily positivity rate has reached 15% the day before.

“The TPR will continue to be high, and we won’t be able to allow movie halls to open. Let’s wait for the TPR below 8 percent. Once it does, then we will make our decision. The entire film industry in Kerala is suffering. But we can all be patient and do our best to help it. We might expect everything to be normal by December,” stated Saji Cherian, Kerala State Minister for Culture and Cinema.

The Covid pandemic has had a devastating impact on Malayalam’s film industry. Industry sources claim that close to 100 films are available for release, with an investment of around Rs 800 crore.
The state of Kerala has 720 movie halls. Their owners are also in severe financial trouble. The second wave of movie halls opened in Kerala, just as many expected. Unlike other states, Kerala has not seen any relief.

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