Vidya Balan has no Photoshop or Filter policy for her photoshoots.

Vidya Balan styles Rs 4k black saree with frilly skirt for new photoshoot.  See pics - Lifestyle News

Vidya Balan is not only a talent powerhouse, but she is also a testimony to natural beauty. She keeps her photos honest, without any photoshops, touch-ups, or filters.
Vidya Balan is regarded as the pioneer in female representation through cinema. She has made a name for herself as the “hero” of her films, portraying strong, empowered, and real characters. Vidya Balan, an ace actor, is an inspiration to women worldwide with her positive views on body positivity. Vidya loves her natural beauty and doesn’t set unrealistic standards.

This actress, who is amazed at her amazing photoshoots for magazines and other photoshoots, uses no photoshop, touch-ups, or filters. Leading photographers in the industry are a testament to her true beauty.

Dabboo Ratnani, a celebrated Bollywood photographer, shares that she and Vidya have worked together for 15 years and share great chemistry. We also share great energy and a great sense of understanding. We were able to get some incredible results from our first shoot together. We get better with each shoot because we try new things and experiment every time we collaborate. She is very experimental and trusts me, which makes it a pleasure to work with her. We have done many shoots together, including the Calendar shoots. The results of these shoots and the shots we have taken together prove our commitment to excellence. Since I started my film photography career, I have tried to get the best lighting for my shoots and as little as possible post-treatment. Vidya is adamant that her images should not be altered. She doesn’t like to feel liquified or make her photos look slimmer. Vidya insists on color corrections and sharing the images with magazines. Vidya doesn’t retouch images. We just color correct the tones, and we’re good to go. We make sure that every calendar shoot is unique. If the background needs to be retouched, the flooring needs cleaning, or color corrections are needed for leaves, etc., we won’t touch up any of her images.

Atul Kasbekar, the celebrity photographer, shares that Vidya Balan is “uniquely in tune with herself.” It is refreshing to witness someone’s inner glow and look effortlessly beautiful without the need for any editing or photoshop. She is the epitome of Indian beauty.

Pavitr Saith, a photographer, explains, “In today’s age when everyone is chasing after the desired standards for beauty, Vidya Balan embraces her natural beauty that glows so beautifully.” She is the only celebrity I have seen who stands up for herself and doesn’t pretend to be anything other than she is. Stark, Raw & Classic. Jokingly, I find my job as a photographer challenging in an old-school manner, without the luxury to correct the image later during editing. She uses the original photo with no alterations, and it is genuine.

Vidya Balan’s stand reflects individuality in a world where the public falls prey to unrealistic standards and is prone to self-doubt.

Vidya Balan, an inspiration for women worldwide with her remarkable achievements and incredibly earnest views, is the authentic influencer we need.

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